Class Type Time Status Team Score Team Live Link Update Alert
Tuesday   04/07/2020
other e-sports 11:00
2020 the LEC professional league MAD vs G2
other e-sports 11:10
FIFAOL4 challenge Juventus fans group final race juve semi-finals winners 1 vs semi-finals winners 2
other e-sports 11:10
FIFAOL4 challenge race horse race group final atletico fans semi-finals winners 1 vs atletico Madrid semi-finals winners 2
other Program 11:30
Classic look: shandong luneng taishan vs guangzhou Evergrande taobao (CSL) 2013 season
other Program 12:00
Shandong trio
other e-sports 12:00
XFIFAOL4 challenge Tan Yixiong VS GuanZhenHong
other Program 12:00
Sports alerts
other Program 13:00
The breeze threesome
other e-sports 13:00
Professional football league of 2020 north American LCS EG vs FLY
other e-sports 13:10
XFIFAOL4 challenge Shi Qingsheng VS Liu Huan
other e-sports 13:10
Asia golden league season 12 BO3 Future vs Winning Gaming
other e-sports 13:30
Amadeus杯BO2 Cignal Ultra vs Equation
other e-sports 14:00
DMO vs BLG LPL in spring 2020
other e-sports 14:00
King glory international tour - KPLGT ROX vs ESC
other e-sports 15:00
OCEAN vs LGD CDAdota professional league
other e-sports 15:00
2020 LDL spring 87 vs WE. A
other e-sports 15:20 FIFAOL4 race juve fans challenge 1/8 final champions VS atletico Madrid
other Program 15:35 The world of football
other e-sports 16:00 Chengdu 2020 watch pioneer league vs Shanghai dragon hunter team
other e-sports 17:00 TS 2020 qq fly driver swim S league vs AG
other e-sports 17:00 ES vs JDG LPL in spring 2020
other Program 17:00 Soccer commentary assembly - brothers quarreled disorderly change the rules of the game a great god explanation frequency error was halted
other e-sports 17:00 Spirit vs Unique ESLONE Los Angeles
other and CARDS 17:20 Brand champions wang: 8 area A field shandong tianjin henan 8
soccer AFC CL 18:00 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors
Sydney FC
other Program 18:00 Sports news
other e-sports 18:00 Shadow chi anchor bounty
other e-sports 18:00 The OGN starleague weeks game series
other e-sports 18:00 PCL2020 spring
other e-sports 19:00 Sharpshooter (*) league cup - peace elite project
other e-sports 19:00 LNG vs FPX LPL in spring 2020
Volleyball Volleyball 19:30 The Tokyo Olympic Games women's volleyball team qualifying - China vs Germany
other Program 19:30 Classic look: real Madrid vs bayern Munich (17/18 champions league semi-final second leg)
other e-sports 20:00 XFIFAOL4 challenge Liu Teng VS Liu Jiacheng
other Program 20:30 The champions league the opening whistle
other Program 20:30 Ultimate challenge (Lucy)
other Program 21:30 CBA classic events: guangdong men's basketball team vs the xinjiang men's basketball team (3) of the 16/17 season finals
other Program 21:30 The sports world
Wednesday   04/08/2020
other Program 09:00 NBA classic war disease - classical reversal game review
other Program 10:00 Classic replay the champions league
other e-sports 10:00 NBA2K players championship quarter-final
other Program 11:30 Classic look back: Beijing HeGuoAn vs guangzhou Evergrande taobao (CSL) 2015 season
other Program 12:00 Shandong trio
other Program 12:00 Sports alerts
other Program 13:00 The breeze threesome
other e-sports 14:00 2020 spring LPL RW vs VG
other e-sports 15:00 2020 next spring fantasy westward journey computer version invitational D2
other e-sports 17:00 2020 spring LPL SN vs the OMG
other Program 17:00 Soccer commentary conference team selection mentor site beating each demanding dong lu slammed a great god
other and CARDS 17:20 Brand champions wang: no. 9 area A field, shandong province, tianjin, henan province
other e-sports 18:00 2020 spring KPL Ts vs VG
other Program 18:30 NBA classic war classic disease - 18th and 19th season review
other soccer 19:00 Tajik al tyrol in Iraq - 83 vs the tyrol
other soccer 19:00 Tajik al CSKA pamir vs khudzhand
other e-sports 19:00 2020 LPL spring WE vs TES
other Program 19:30 Classic look: Barcelona vs Roman (17/18 uefa champions league quarter-final)
other e-sports 20:00 2020 nanjing Hero long race vs TES KPL spring
other Program 21:30 Chinese classic events: the xinjiang men's basketball team of guangdong team vs (16/17 season finals game 4)
other Program 21:30 Sports news
soccer BLR PL 22:30 Slavia Mozyr
Mr Borisov buddy